Saturday, September 13, 2008

There Are Many Off-Road RC Car Models to Enjoy

In the world of RC vehicles, off-road radio controlled cars stand out as some of the most fun models to use.

While inferior to their on-road counterparts in terms of pure speed, off-road RC cars can do things that on-roads' can't come even close to. They are perfect for performing those long range jumps, and other stunts.

Off-road RC cars are made for rough terrain such as backyards. They can be driven through the dirt, the mud, and other rocky patches. Some of the more powerful models can even brave small streams. Designed for bumps and jumps, off-road RC car models are more lightweight than on-road RC cars and have special suspension systems. They are very durable and are great for those just getting into RC vehicles.

There are many models of off-road RC cars. They also come in both electric and nitro powered.

Electric models of off-road RC cars use battery packs and are overall better suited for beginners. They are easy to maintain and are very cost efficient.

Those looking for more speed might choose a nitro model of RC cars. As well as being generally faster, sturdier, and more powerful than electric RC cars, these RC models are louder and more realistic, though more difficult to maintain.

This is due to their small glow-engines which run on special nitro fuel. Consequently, there is a small chance of a nitro RC model going boom, so special care should be taken especially by younger owners.

Off-road RC car models can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,
They can range from model RC trucks to RC buggies. Each has their own charm.
A favorite for new users and veterans alike is, the undisputed king of the dirt road, the monster truck. Like the real life versions, these beasts come with their signature giant tires that can take on the toughest of terrain, and make for hours of fun. A good example of a monster truck model is the Tamiya Terra Crusher. This nitro RC car model comes fully assembled and ready to run.
A good model for beginners is the stadium truck. These RC models are simple to use and offer a good combination of power and stability.
Examples of Stadium trucks are the Team Losi XXX-T and Traxxas Rustler.

Another extremely popular model RC cars is the buggy. RC Buggies are made for those jaw dropping jumps, with their low center of gravity, 4 wheel drive and durable build. A good RC buggy for beginners is the Condor nitro buggy.

As well as being a great introduction to the RC world, off-road RC cars offer an experience unique to RC vehicles, whatever model is used.

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