Friday, October 31, 2008

Tips For Drag Racing With Radio Controlled (RC) Cars

For most people, the idea of drag racing implies exhilaration and excitement. It also connotes danger. It's a good thing that RC cars can now enable anyone to experience the thrills and excitement of drag racing without being exposed to too much danger.

Drag racing is all about speed. As compared to ordinary RC car races, the drag racing with RC cars entails much more attention on setting-up the vehicle than having driving skills. The main deal with car racing is to eliminate the forces (aerodynamic) that prevent the car from attaining and maintaining maximum speed. The following things should be given much importance when racing RC cars at maximum speed:

Getting and maintaining a good chassis for drag race RC cars is very important. The thing to remember is that there are numerous materials that make up modern RC drag cars today such as graphite and carbon fiber. They differ in how they support the cars and how they "flex" during acceleration. The chassis needs to have flexibility when accelerating is a key to attain the car's maximum speed.

Front end design

RC car dragsters have distinct front-end designs. They are usually pointed to minimize the drag from the air. The front axles should be set up in a simple way to make them easier to adjust during accidents during race day.

Battery packs
Usually, RC car drag races are determined by the kind of battery pack that the cars are equipped with. Nickel-cadmium batteries are very popular nowadays. The batteries used in cars are usually in 6-cell or 7-cell packs. The two main things that one should look for in battery packs are internal impedance and voltage. These are two main indicators of power and speed. The battery packs used in RC drag racing are perhaps the most powerful in the whole RC racing arena.

For RC drag race, the usual dragsters employ thin front wheels which are most often referred to as "pizza cutters" because they resemble the kitchen apparatus. When it comes to selecting tires, there are two beliefs: smaller is better and the "big wheels rule." As with any other contradicting beliefs, both have advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it's personal taste that really counts in choosing the kinds of tires.

RC drag race cars have been stripped of their excess weight throughout the years. An optimum weight should be achieved to be able to get maximum acceleration.
RC drag racing is a really fun and exhilarating experience. One should try watching races over the weekend to find out.

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