Sunday, May 25, 2008

What Is The Best Radio Controlled Car Model?

There are a lot of radio controlled cars (RCs) and a lot of RC aficionados out there. Across the United States, there are hundreds of RC competitions of all kinds, attracting both young and adults. The RC industry is one that does not look to be out of business in a while.

As such, RC manufacturers are trying to outdo one another by trying to come up with innovations relating to their products. This translates into totally new RC models that are said to be faster, sturdier, and more powerful in general. To the RC competitor, that is music to his ears. However, the question remains, what exactly are the best RC models out there?

There really isn't a perfect model that would fit all of the details that an RC owner would want. If you are a competitor and want speed, then the model for you would be one powered by fuel instead of the electric-powered ones. The top speeds reached by gas-powered RCs would be far higher than one powered by an electric motor.

However, the disadvantage that a gas-powered RC would bring up is its high maintenance. Gas RCs produce internal dirt that requires constant cleaning, also to maintain high performance and to lessen breakdowns.

Also, due to the high speeds that are brought about by gas-powered RCs, crashes are likely to happen, and we know that high speed crashes result in disaster.

Maintenance is the advantage of an electric-powered RC model. They don't require as much maintenance as gas-powered RCs, since they don't have an internal combustion system.

Even though not much maintenance is required, they tend to last longer than gas-powered models, since they don't experience as much wear and tear with a lightweight vehicle, a motor, and electric batteries.

If you're after speed, then the big truck models are not for you, as they are more suited for rough terrain racing. What would be best is to get a gas-powered lightweight vehicle in order to achieve a lot of straight line speed.

Likewise, a lightweight vehicle is not fit to go on the rough terrain since it normally has small wheels and a lower body that would only be damaged should you attempt to use it.

The best RC models are the ones that are suited to the type of racing you desire to participate in. If you're simply going to buy one for a hobby, try to get an all-terrain RC with speed, like a Cyclone, which is like an all-purpose vehicle.

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