Thursday, January 29, 2009

Customizing Your Radio Controlled Car like A Pro

In the world of the RC car racing, making your cars as unique and as powerful as possible is a must. Racers customize their RC cars without end because it is the
specifications and enhancements to its' features that make it a better race car.

The more sophisticated RC engines have become, the more alterations they have need. Today's cars can now run through any terrain and condition without sacrificing speed.

Modifying your RC car is a difficult task if you are doing it for the first time. To assist in evaluating the well known conversion styles, listed below are some customized RC cars.

1. Monster GT from Team Associated is considered as the toughest RC truck on the market. It has a .21 nitro engine that has 8 oil filled shock absorbers, humongous
universal drive axles, an exclusive dual-starting system, disc brakes, tuned pipes, and a strong aluminum chassis.

Its original dual pick up tank keeps the fuel running even if the truck is upside down. Currently, it has two painted styles available, excluding the limited edition model with a painting of the American flag.

2. X-Factor from XTM has developed a reasonable number of followers since its release in 2003. This monster car has a four link, solid axle suspension that allows it
to move with greater control. Its pioneering engine (XTM 24-7) and electronic mixer (XTM R-Box) give the X-Factor its throttle power and awesome handling in any terrain and condition.

3. The T-Maxx of Traxxas is one of the best selling RC trucks currently. Its award-winning features include automatic shifting and two speed transmission that can go
forward and/or backwards. Its speed of 40 ++ miles per hour is backed up by a strong 2.5 racing engine that gives 60 percent more power that any of it predecessors in the Traxxas line.

Its original WideMaxx Suspension, along with the anodized T6 chassis, gives this racer superior stability when conquering difficult and bumpy terrains.

4. The special, limited edition Mad Force by Kyosho has a solid axle shaft drive, 3mm thick chassis with aluminum plates, and aperture dual disc brakes. This four wheel monster truck has 3 transmissions with double shock mounts and has polished side and lower deck plates.

Customizing your RC is part of the excitement of this sport. So choose those features that you want, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for some serious speed!

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